Klaipeda Ernestas Galvanauskas Vocational Training Center

Klaipeda Ernestas Galvanauskas Vocational Training Center is one of the strongest vocational training providers in Western Lithuania. The centre offers learners of different age and background to obtain qualifications that are in demand in local and international labour market.

Vocational training for adults and pupils has been developed here since 1972 – during that time a strong training base has been developed, teaching staff has been formed, significant experience of co-operation has been gained and the range of training services has increased.

The centre works in the areas of primary and continuous vocational training, upper secondary education, professional rehabilitation, non-formal education for adults and all category driver training. The VTC has an Autodrome – a sectoral practical training centre, where training in the field of transport and classes for improving the abilities and skills of driving on slippery surfaces are carried out. E. Galvanauskas VTC also has a modern newly equipped construction sectoral practical training centre, where training in the fields of construction, wood, engineering industries, etc. take place.

Klaipeda Ernestas Galvanauskas Vocational Training Centre offers vocational training for a lot of different professions in the fields of health care, social services, beauty therapy, business, construction, transport and other fields. Big emphasis is made on the integration of individuals experiencing social exclusion for various reasons into the labour market. Upon request of employers, according to their needs and meeting their expectations, the training of new employees is promptly implemented; for individuals who wish to gain a qualification, flexible learning opportunities are provided. The training is organized with emphasis on practical skills development of future professionals.

A part of the practice takes place in a real workplace – at employer’s workplace. During this practice, students have an opportunity to exhibit their capabilities, so very often the practice becomes a successful start in the professional activities. Reportedly, after the practice at the employer’s workplace, a considerable part of students is successfully employed.

Due to the vast scope of different professions and different education levels, E. Galvanauskas VTC has a huge target audience starting form 16-year-olds and including adults of various ages. Every year the school has more than 1000 students and a continuously growing team of qualified pedagogical staff.