Parents’ Association Step by Step

Parents’ Association Step by Step is a non-governmental and non-profit association whose main objective is to promote value of the community focused on children. Such society perceives children as its most valuable treasure and creates a priority for their welfare, development and education. Moreover, the restoration of the value of parenting is considered as a possibility for balancing work and care for children while doing everything in our might to start appreciating parenting and make it easier.

Association’s activities include: promotion of children’s rights as well as the rights of their families to an honorable life; cooperation with preschools, schools and other institutions which take care of children and families; joint efforts of Association’s members before authorities, institutions and local communities; organization of seminars and public lectures; publishing activities; cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and promoting donation and sponsorship activities.

The foundation of our growth and development at the Parents’ Association Step by Step is our network and partners. Apart from being focused on our activities and services and on direct work with our users/target groups, we have been a part of national and international networks and partnerships for many years, often collaborating with them in order to share the knowledge and experiences, exchange best practices and learn about innovative approaches, methodologies, and manners of solving social and organisational problems, as well as individual needs of our user groups.

The Parents’ Association Step by Step is a member of the following international networks: COFACE Families Europe, European Parents’ Association (EPA), The European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN), The International Center for Assault Prevention (ICAP).


Contact person: Silvija Stanić, executive director (